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Please read the description for each membership, and choose the membership that works best for you.

Draft Rate


Draft Rate


Monthly, First Six Months


Monthly, After Six Months

6th Grade Initiative (September – August)

Free membership for area students in grade 6.






Full-Time students: (Kindergarten - age 22)






Young Adult

(age 18 - 30 years of age)







(31 years of age & older)







Adult Couple

Adult couple is defined as two adults that are both 19-61 years of age residing in the same household.








Family is defined as two adults and all dependent children (full-time students) through age 22 residing in the same household.







Single-Parent Family

Single parent family (filing taxes as “Single, head of household”) is defined as a single adult and dependent children (full-time students) through age 22 residing in the same household.






Senior Citizen

(62 years of age & older)






Senior Couple

Senior couple is defined as two adults that are both 62 years of
age & older residing in the same household.






At the YMCA, no one is turned away due to the inability to pay.

Become a Member

When you join the Y, you’ll discover new ways to connect with your potential, purpose and community. No matter where you are on your journey, the Y is where you can be, belong and become. Join us

Change Your Community, 
Change Your Life

Membership at the Y opens the door to new experiences and ways to positively impact your community and enrich your life. With opportunities to give back, improve your health and make connections, the benefits of membership are far-reaching.

You Belong at the Y

We want to help you feel at home at the Y.

Click here to schedule a tour of the Olean, Bradford, or Wellsville location.

Youth Development

We help young people to grow into healthy, thriving adults by offering supportive education and leadership programs, team sports and summer day camps.
Healthy Living

We support individual and community well–being. People of all ages, interests and skill levels can find the fitness classes, family activities and group interests they need to lead active, vibrant lives. The Y also collaborates with community leaders to bring healthy living within reach of all people.
Social Responsibility

Through community programs, local outreach and global engagement, we provide support and inspire action in our communities.

Investing In Your Health

The Y works with several insurance programs that offer discounts, reimbursements, or even free memberships to support you on your journey to a healthier you.  Each program is different and is specific in regards to who is covered, so feel free to call the number on your insurance card to see if your insurance offers this specific benefit.  Only adults are eligible for reimbursement benefits.

The Y is currently working with these qualifying insurance benefits:

Silver Sneakers- Enroll at the Y.  the Silver sneakers program offers a free membership for individuals with qualifying insurance programs including many Humana, Ucare, and other Medicare supplements plans.  To enroll, fill out a Silver Sneakers membership application and get verifications of eligibility at the YMCA.

Silver and Fit- Enroll at the Y.  The Silver and fit program offers membership for individuals with qualifying insurance programs including many Health Partners, Medica, and BCBS Medicare supplement plans.  The Silver and Fit program offers at a $25 annual copay for the individual.  To enroll, fill out a Silver and Fit membership application and get verification of eligibility at the YMCA.

Renew Active (Optum® Fitness Advantage)-  Enroll at the Y.  The renew Active program offers a free membership for individuals carrying this plan.  To enroll, bring your insurance card and get verification of eligibility at the YMCA.

Active & Fit- Enroll at the Y.  Active & Fit is available for participating health plans, employer groups, and associations (ages 18-64).  Beginning January 1, 2019 there will be no co-pay collected at YMCA’s for Active & Fit.  The members will pay any annual fees directly to American Specialty Health.  UPMC will continue to participate with Active &Fit commercial.

Membership Termination Policy

Membership is continuous until a member notifies the YMCA in writing by:
• using the below link
• via mail
• e-mailing [email protected]
• completing a form in person
No faxed or phoned-in terminations are accepted. A 30-day notice is required. YMCA cannot be responsible for mail or email that does not reach us. Please follow up with us to be sure we received your notification. If your reason for canceling is due to financial hardship, please inquire about our Financial Assistance Program.
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